It’s A Wrap!

Thank you, all! We have now concluded our final text-based learning activity for the 2017-18 program year. It’s a wrap!

Nevertheless, we must still complete a few unfinished activities. What are they?

For starters, our Certificate Ceremony and Reception will take place on Tuesday evening at the Providence Marriott. I will personally contact each of our CSVP members via email to request a final confirmation of attendance, to communicate timing and location information, and to inquire about an alternative activity for individuals who are unable to attend in person.

In that same email message, I will also ask about your availability for a group conference call to discuss our past experiences and our future plans. Although we would prefer to hold a single call with all of our members, scheduling concerns may require us to divide into smaller call groups.

Regarding our administrative protocols, we are now ready to complete our final attestation of the program year. As always, you are welcome to click on the Attestation Statement menu link on our blog page and complete the form. It will only require a minute or two of your time.

I am very proud of the accomplishments that we achieved during the 2017-18 program year. And I am looking forward to celebrating those accomplishments with you at the Providence Marriott this week!

P.S. The answers to the multiple choice questions for our March 2018 activity are C-A-D-B.

Today’s Deadline

It’s here! Today is the deadline for our final written activity of the program year. By the end of the day, we shall all be ready to place our proverbial pens down on our desks, and to congratulate each other for having earned our CSVP designations.

Of course, as always, you are welcome to let us know if you need a few extra days to complete the activities. Once we all do so, we will proceed to our wrap-up tasks.

What are those tasks? As you know, we’ll meet for our Certificate Ceremony and Reception on Tuesday, April 24th at the Providence Marriott. Soon thereafter, as we’ve mentioned in a few blog posts, we’ll schedule group phone calls to discuss the value of our Integrated Report and our plans for the 2018-19 year.

But, for now, let’s simply focus on the completion of our current task. And then we’ll proceed towards our bright — and sustainable — future!

One Week Reminder

Hello, CSVP colleagues! Please keep in mind that our learning activity deadline is one week from today, i.e. Sunday, April 15th.

And then, a mere nine days later, we shall celebrate at our annual award ceremony and reception at the Providence Marriott on Tuesday, April 24th!

First we work, then we play.  🙂

Reviewing Our Second Draft

We’re ready to proceed to the third and final stage of our Integrated Report development process! Our second draft is now ready for your review; hopefully, the next draft will be our final one.

You are now welcome to access our Documents folder and download the file entitled 0318 Integrated Report – Experiential Learning 3 of 3. Given our customary two week completion schedule, let’s establish a deadline date of Sunday, April 15th.

That is actually a very timely deadline, given that our first-ever Annual CSVP Certificate award ceremony and reception will occur at the Providence Marriott on Tuesday, April 24th! We look forward to greeting you there.

Afterwards, in late April or early May, we’ll (finally!) schedule our telephone conference calls. That’s when we’ll conclude our program year by discussing the Integrated Report, our process of developing it, and all of the other activities which engaged our efforts throughout the ten month period.

By the way, when you review the second draft, you will undoubtedly notice that we credited all of the members of our program for contributing to its content. However, we only included the direct quotes of a number of our members. If any one would like to contribute a new direct quote, or would prefer to modify an existing one, you are most certainly welcome to do so.

Most importantly, we continue to appreciate your contribution to the development of our first-ever Integrated Report. It is a truly historic document, and it is self-evidently true that we couldn’t have completed it without each and every one of you.

And so … thank you!

P.S. The answers to the multiple choice questions for our February 2018 activity are D-B-C-A.

Wrapping It Up

Hello, CSVP Team! We just wanted to let you know that we’re still in the process of wrapping up our next Integrated Report learning activity.

What is taking so long? Well, we unexpectedly encountered a point of debate! Some felt that we should present a polished final draft to our RISCPA executives. Others felt that we should present our current draft to them as a work-in-progress, and ask for their feedback.

We ultimately decided to take a compromise approach that is “a little bit of each” of these options. But the debate cost us several days, and thus we now plan to issue our third and final Integrated Report learning activity this weekend.

In the meantime, thank you for your continuing patience! We do appreciate it very much.

On To The Second Draft!

Thank you, CSVPs, for your constructive advice regarding the first draft of our Integrated Report! We are delighted about our progress, and that you are pleased as well.

Maureen and I now need a little time to revise our draft for your follow-up review. A week or so should be sufficient … and then we shall proceed to the home stretch.

Most importantly, we deeply appreciate the amount of time and effort that you are contributing to our development as a program. It isn’t easy to take a bootstrapping approach to launching a new business; you’ve all adapted magnificently to the rigors of such a strategy.

Entrepreneur, incidentally, defines bootstrapping in this manner: To finance your company’s startup and growth with the assistance of or input from others.

They really “nailed” the definition, didn’t they? It’s precisely the path that we’ve chosen to reach our destination.

Today’s Deadline

Hello, all! As you know, today is the deadline for our monthly learning activity.

We are clearly in the home stretch of our program year. Please “hang in there” as we turn the corner, put our heads down, and charge towards the finish line!

If you need a few extra days to complete our activity, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You’re always welcome to a reasonable amount of additional time.