Reviewing Our Second Draft

We’re ready to proceed to the third and final stage of our Integrated Report development process! Our second draft is now ready for your review; hopefully, the next draft will be our final one.

You are now welcome to access our Documents folder and download the file entitled 0318 Integrated Report – Experiential Learning 3 of 3. Given our customary two week completion schedule, let’s establish a deadline date of Sunday, April 15th.

That is actually a very timely deadline, given that our first-ever Annual CSVP Certificate award ceremony and reception will occur at the Providence Marriott on Tuesday, April 24th! We look forward to greeting you there.

Afterwards, in late April or early May, we’ll (finally!) schedule our telephone conference calls. That’s when we’ll conclude our program year by discussing the Integrated Report, our process of developing it, and all of the other activities which engaged our efforts throughout the ten month period.

By the way, when you review the second draft, you will undoubtedly notice that we credited all of the members of our program for contributing to its content. However, we only included the direct quotes of a number of our members. If any one would like to contribute a new direct quote, or would prefer to modify an existing one, you are most certainly welcome to do so.

Most importantly, we continue to appreciate your contribution to the development of our first-ever Integrated Report. It is a truly historic document, and it is self-evidently true that we couldn’t have completed it without each and every one of you.

And so … thank you!

P.S. The answers to the multiple choice questions for our February 2018 activity are D-B-C-A.