Program Update

Hello, CSVP participants! We hope that you enjoyed the summer. You may be wondering what we’re planning for the upcoming year; here is a synopsis of our thoughts and expectations.

First and foremost, after forty hours of education and service activity during each of the past two years, we believe that you have clearly achieved an expert level of knowledge regarding sustainable value. This belief led us to debate whether you must dedicate such a significant amount of time to our program in order to simply “sustain” (pardon the pun) your credential.

We’ve concluded that one day (i.e. eight hours) of education per year should be sufficient to refresh your knowledge, and an additional one day (i.e. eight hours) of service per year should be sufficient to apply your knowledge to an organizational challenge. Thus, we are currently planning to reach out to you later in the year to arrange for sixteen total hours of activity.

Incidentally, we still believe that our original forty hour requirement is needed for new participants in our program. This new sixteen hour requirement is only applicable to our expert participants.

In the meantime, I (i.e. Michael Kraten) am using the Integrated Reporting “Octopus” framework as the central organizational structure of a graduate business course on entrepreneurship. If you are interested in following the progress of the course, and if you wish to offer your advice to our students, you are certainly welcome to do so. Please feel free to subscribe to the blog, where we are posting our weekly class notes.

If you have any other questions about our plans, please let me know. I’ll continue to keep you posted about our activities.