The Rhode Island Society of CPAs (RISCPA) was established in 1905 to serve as the state-wide professional membership association for Certified Public Accountants in Rhode Island, USA. It maintains a current membership of 2,325 professionals in public practice, in business and industry, in government, and in education.

The objectives of the organization are:

1. To advocate for the profession of public accounting.

2. To maintain a level of moral and professional standards for Certified Public Accountants in Rhode Island that is equivalent or superior to that of any other state of the United States.

3. To promote and maintain a spirit of cooperation among members of the Society, and among members of other professional organizations.

4. To serve the public interest by promoting and maintaining the Code of Professional Ethics of the profession.

5. To encourage the study of accounting, and the proper education of those desiring to become Certified Public Accountants.