On To The Second Draft!

Thank you, CSVPs, for your constructive advice regarding the first draft of our Integrated Report! We are delighted about our progress, and that you are pleased as well.

Maureen and I now need a little time to revise our draft for your follow-up review. A week or so should be sufficient … and then we shall proceed to the home stretch.

Most importantly, we deeply appreciate the amount of time and effort that you are contributing to our development as a program. It isn’t easy to take a bootstrapping approach to launching a new business; you’ve all adapted magnificently to the rigors of such a strategy.

Entrepreneur, incidentally, defines bootstrapping in this manner: To finance your company’s startup and growth with the assistance of or input from others.

They really “nailed” the definition, didn’t they? It’s precisely the path that we’ve chosen to reach our destination.

Today’s Deadline

Hello, all! As you know, today is the deadline for our monthly learning activity.

We are clearly in the home stretch of our program year. Please “hang in there” as we turn the corner, put our heads down, and charge towards the finish line!

If you need a few extra days to complete our activity, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You’re always welcome to a reasonable amount of additional time.

One Week To Go

Hello, CSVP program participants! Here is a reminder that the deadline of our current learning activity is one week from today, on Sunday, March 11th.

In the meantime, we’d deeply appreciate your “RSVP” to our invitation regarding our annual award ceremony and reception at the Providence Marriott on Tuesday, April 24th.

This is the first year that we are issuing CSVP designations. As you know, last year — i.e. our initial year of operations — we issued Professional Certificates in Sustainable Value.

So, this year, we are planning to celebrate the growth of our program! We look forward to welcoming you to our festive event.

Reviewing Our Integrated Report

It’s time to take our next step! As we explained in last week’s communication, we have prepared an initial draft of our CSVP Integrated Report. It contains information from all of the individual comments that we shared during our January 2018 learning activity.

You are now welcome to access the Documents folder on our blog site and download the document entitled 0218 Integrated Report – Experiential Learning 2 of 3. We’ll return to our standard two week completion schedule, and thus establish a deadline completion date of Sunday, March 11th.

As you may recall, in a prior posting, we suggested that we would schedule conference calls during this month’s learning activity. However, we have decided to defer that task to next month’s activity. Thus, for this month, we are returning to our use of Box’s Text Comments panel that appears on the side of the primary reading document.

In addition, Mike will contact you via email to ask about your attendance plans regarding our first-ever Annual CSVP Certificate award ceremony and reception at the Providence Marriott on Tuesday, April 24th. Once again, the charter members of our program are welcome to attend the event at no cost.

We are most certainly in the home stretch of our program year. Because last year’s activity was defined as a Professional Certificate program, this is the first year that we will bestow the designation “Certified Sustainable Value Professional” on our participants.

But first we need to conclude our work on our Integrated Report! We look forward to discussing its contents with you.

P.S. The answers to the multiple choice questions for our January 2018 activity are C-A-B-D.

First Draft: Our CSVP Integrated Report

We’ve done it! We’ve developed a first draft of an Integrated Report for our CSVP program. And we managed to utilize one key concept or metric from each of our participant’s writings, while integrating them into a single cohesive document.

We’ll introduce our February activity next week, which will obviously extend into early March. But in the meantime, you are welcome to enter our Box folder, click on the new link entitled (0218) February 2018, and review the PDF document entitled First Draft – Integrated Report.

Before you do, though, please keep the following thoughts in mind:

> We are not merely writing about how one might develop an Integrated Report for our program. We are actually creating an Integrated Report for our program.

> Because the program is currently in a pilot test stage with small volume, the descriptions and metrics are very brief. Nevertheless, they lay the groundwork for a much longer report in the future.

> Although we only selected one key concept or metric from each of our participant writings, we will review and discuss all of the writings in their entirety during our February activity. We will also critique the first draft of our Integrated Report as well.

> In certain places, we chose a participant’s lower priority concept or metric because a different participant had already chosen a higher priority concept or metric for an overlapping topic.

> There is absolutely no relationship between the quality of a participant’s suggestion and the length of the program description that we wrote in response to the suggestion! Please keep in mind that certain suggestions address issues that are naturally “wordier” than others.

> In only one situation did we partially modify a suggestion. Jason noted several water, energy, and other data items in the Coca-Cola report that we reviewed during a recent monthly activity. We utilized his water and energy suggestions, but we referred to Marriott’s report instead of Coca-Cola’s report.

Why? Because our CSVP program doesn’t purchase Coca-Cola products, but we do stage our annual graduation event at a Marriott. So we utilized Jason’s recommendations, but we applied them to the report of a corporation that is a service provider to us.

And speaking of our annual graduation event, we can now announce the date of our graduation ceremony! It will occur on Tuesday evening, April 24th at the Providence Marriott. We’ll release additional details as they become available.

But for now, please feel free to simply review our first draft of our Integrated Report. We look forward to discussing it with you!

Next Phase: Integrated Reporting Project

Thank you, CSVP participants, for your input during the first phase of our Integrated Reporting project! We are making great progress as we develop an <IR> for our program.

At this point, Maureen and I will need a little time to compile your data selections into a comprehensive summary. Then we will launch our second stage, which will feature a trio of conference calls: one for our Strategy group, one for our Operations group, and one for our Finance group.

We will refer to this second stage as our “February activity,” although it will conclude in March. Our third stage, the integration of the Strategy, Operations, and Finance <IR> components, will begin in March and conclude in April.

We’ll unveil our <IR> at our annual Graduation ceremony in late April. And at that time, we’ll proudly announce that each and every member of our CSVP program has acquired “hands on” experience in the production of an Integrated Report!

As you undoubtedly know, not many professional certification programs actually generate relevant business experience for their participants.

Of course, we do. 🙂

Constructing An Integrated Report

To all of our participants who completed our January activity by yesterday’s deadline … thank you! We deeply appreciate the time and the effort that you expended to finish our experiential activity.

And to our participants who requested a little extra time … as always, no worries! We are happy to extend it to you.

For our next task, the participants in each working group will combine their individual writings to produce a comprehensive section of an integrated report. Each group will engage in a conversation to ensure the consistency and the cohesion of its product.

Then, during the month of March, we’ll bring all of our participants together to discuss the synthesis of the three report sections into a single holistic presentation.

For now, though, we’ll sit back and give all of our colleagues a chance to complete our January work. Thank you, again, for your willingness to contribute to a truly collaborative sustainability initiative.